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of the obama administration's most vocal critics. in san francisco eric holder introduced new policies that would alter the way federal prosecutors and federal judges handle drug cases steering them away from mandatory minimum sentences. the goal, keep nonviolent and low level offenders out of prison, there by easing massive overcrowding and reducing the cost to taxpayers. >> as a society we pay much too high a price. our system fails to deliver outcomes that deter crime, keep us safe and ensure those who pay their debts have a chance to become productive citizens. >> the smart on crime addition is getting widespread praise on capitol hill. it fits nicely with bipartisan legislation already in the works. during his speech eric holder singled out a handful of lawmakers, among them kentucky senator rand paul who is co-sponsoring a bill that would give judges more flexibility in sentencing. afterwards senator paul returned the favor saying, quote, i'm encouraged the president and attorney general agree with me that mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders promote injustice and
the country's civil war. those realities weigh heavily on president obama today when he marks the dream anniversary, honoring the legacy of nonviolence on the eve of an expected u.s.-led military strike. good morning from washington. it's wednesday, august 28th, 2013. this "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to the first reads of the morning. today is the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. of course dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech before a crowd of a quarter million people in washington and millions more on television watched on that 1963 day. his remarks galvanized the civil rights movement. president obama called it one of the five greatest speeches in american history. >> when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city. we will be able to speed up that day with all of god's children, black men and white men, jews and gentiles, protestants and catholic, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old knnegro spiritual, freet last, free at last, thank god almighty, we are free at last. >>
to the streets of cairo for the latest. plus, bay state battle. as president obama gets some rest in martha's vineyard before a road trip rally, republicans meet in boston to map out their fight for the fall. as we approach the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination, we'll take a look at the final months of kennedy's life in the white house. good morning from washington. it's thursday, august 15th, 2013, and this is "the daily rundown." i'm in for chuck todd this morning. we begin with the developing news in egypt. where members of the muslim brotherhood and their supporters are defying government leaders and holding new protest marches in multiple cities, raising the risk of more bloodshed. today's demonstration comes a day after the military's all-out assault on pro morsi demonstrators that left more than 500 people dead. in an effort to stop the protest altogether, the interim government has placed the country under a month-long state of emergency. it's also going after protest leaders. recommending murder charges against more than 80 members of the brotherhood and their s
leads to hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries prompting president obama to cancel a major military exercise. is there more the u.s. will do to stop the violence? plus, some new names headlining in the hawkeye state talk this weekend. but the spotlight still belongs to the superstars on each side. and another surprise headline on what the nsa is up to. an internal review shows the intel outfit broke its own rule thousands times. good morning from washington. it's friday, august 16th, 2013. and this is "the daily rundown." we're watching developing news out of egypt. the country bracing for more bloodshed today. tens of thousands of muslim brotherhood members and their supports are responding to calls for a day of rage. pouring into the streets to protest this week's brutal government crackdown. we're watching crowds demonstrators crossing a bridge through cairo. most likely trying to make its way to the square where morsi supporters are gathering. in direct defiance to the state of emergency. the army has been giving the green light to use live ammunition against the protes
the uk supporting a strike on syria, prime minister cameron says he will act accordingly. president obama's team is pushing forward. back here at home, top administration officials urged congress to back military action against the assad regime. we'll talk to two top senators about the case for action. and while syria takes center stage for the white house, behind the scenes, they're prepping a previous president's push on health care. can bill clinton rally skeptic and a ton of twentysomethings to sign up in october? good morning, it's friday, august 30th, 2013. this is the daily rundown. i'm chuck eliza in for chuck todd today. we begin with syria. whether president obama is willing to go it alone. as he moves closer to a decision about whether to launch air strikes in retaliation for last week's chemical weapons attack, support for that action may be waning. on thursday, protesters marched outside the white house, demanding the u.s. not launch missile strikes against the assad regime. inside, the president and his top officials were working to make the case to skeptical lawmakers. the
around for chuck todd and "the daily rundown." happy birthday. >> summer snub. president obama axing his meeting with president putin. we'll talk to someone who has dealt with the russians for a long time and went to russia with then senator obama, former republican senator dick lugar. also this morning, a deep dive into the legacy of the kennedy clan's matriarch. the long life of rose kennedy which helped shape washington for a generation and beyond. and we got a look at the senate shake-up of 2014. what's going to be out there. arkansas congressman sets his sites on mark pryor's senate seat. not the only red state facing tough fights in 2014. we're going to break down all the latest moves. >> good morning from memphis, tennessee. it is thursday, august 8th, 2013. it is "the daily rundown." now, here's chuck todd. >> katie in memphis. remember, go to to send in your good morning greeting. >>> both sides insist the cold war isn't back but it's clear the relationship between the u.s. and russia is getting a bit frosty. the news that president obama will not meet vladimir
get to this morning's headlines. president obama is on a working vacation. congress is in recess. there's no debate from the intelligence debate. reassuring the public about his surveillance programs be s by a a privacy advocate to his mix. some republicans argued that it simply is not practical. >> the idea of having a public defender, you know, when really what it is is a search warrant to the fisa court which you wouldn't have in a normal criminal case would slow down the efficacy of our counterterrorism investigation. i don't think that's the right way to go. >> i think it would be very impractical to have it done. maybe on some general policy issue where the court's going to make a decision, perhaps you could bring in an advocate. on day to day life and death decisions, i believe absolutely not. >> the debate comes as concerns about the threat posed by al qaeda in yemen seem to have eased. all but one of those diplomatic posts closed last week have now reopened. includes the u.s. embassy in cairo. at the same time, the u.s. is dealing with more fallout from russia's decision
. as president obama faces calls for the u.s. to do more and possibly cut off aid to a one-time ally. >>> plus with still 800 days till the iowa caucuses, are they positioning too early? we'll talk about that. >>> and a deep dive today. back nearly 30 years ago to the republican convention that cemented reagan's legacy and what today's gop can learn from it. good morning from washington. it's monday, august 19, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads the morning. egyptian officials say at least 24 policeman were killed in an ambush-style attack near raffa on the gaza border. according to egyptian security force, armed men stoppeded two buses carrying off-duty police, forced the passengers to get out, before shooting them execution-style. more than 900 people are reported to have been killed since wednesday when the interim egyptian government began a bloody crackdown on supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. on sunday, the egyptian government confirmed security forces had killed 36 islamists while they were being transferred to a prison north
. >> i just thought that kid was a jerk. up next, chuck todd, exclusive 101, full hour with barack obama, coming up right now. >> that is not true. horrifying allegations and pictures coming out of syria. rebel groups say they have proof of chemical attacks. syria's government denies it. we'll get the latest on these developments in another troubles piece of the middle east. the most famous soon to be ex-canadian who lives in texas, senator cruz, in a heated town hall. could an awkward moment be coming for two conservative stars in the lone star state? here in gotham, anthony weiner's wild spiral to single digits may have opened the door for an unexpected contender and maybe the next mayor. bill de blasio. feeling like he's got a lot of mojo with just 20 days till primary day. good morning from new york city. it's wednesday, august 21st. it's "the daily rundown." my first reads of it the mornin. we're going to start with some domestic politics. the state of both political parties is anything but strong these days. the only reason there isn't much hand ringing about the democratic party i
of international issues and domestic drama over health care and the budget. president obama gets set to talk to the press later today. we'll look at the big picture. with the cabinet secretary, u.n. ambassador and just foreign policy veteran bill richardson. just four days remain till new jersey democrats decide whether corey booker does head to the united states senate or not. >>> and then a deep dive into the sky with air force one. we're going behind the scenes to the famous presidential plane. and finding out why the first plane to get that call sign is rusting away in an arizona desert. >> good morning from des moines, iowa. i'm luke casey, host of "good night iowa." it's friday, august 9th, 2013, the first day of the iowa state fair and the unofficial kickoff of the 2016 iowa caucuses. this is "the daily rundown" and here's chuck todd. >> mm, fried butter. thank you, luke. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. president obama will try to get last words in this afternoon before leaving tomorrow for martha's vineyard. he'll set the stage for the fall fights. ahead of taking q
and the right but saves most of his fodder for president obama. good morning from washington. it's august 5th, 2013. this is the "daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. loaf the no traffic in d.c. but it doesn't mean we're not very busy. first reads of the morning. global terror threat. officials warning they've intercepted a high volume of chatter that indicates a major attack may be in the works, likely in the hands of aqap, known as al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, officially the affiliate based in yemen. too vague to pinpoint where it might happen. everyone with inside knowledge about this threat says it's the most serious in years, perhaps the most serious since 9/11. >> we've received information high-level people from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are talking about a major attack. >> there's been an awful lot of chatter out there. chatter means conversation among terrorists about the planning that's going on. very reminiscent of of what we saw pre-9/11. >> because of the specificity, because of where it's coming from, the credibility of it, the level of chatter, it seems to be a fairly
qaeda plot. and president obama sits down with jay leno to offer his thoughts. meanwhile, in new hampshire, mitt romney had some tough talk for republicans that are shouting for a shutdown. he tells granite staters they should line up between one or two candidates who can actually win. in today's deep dive, meet the new leader of iran. no fan of his predecessor. after a glimer of hope, now it sounds like it might be more familiar rhetoric. we'll go live to tehran for more. >> it's august 7, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." >> thank you to lexi from lexington north carolina for sending that to us. send in your morning greeting and get on television. now my first reads of the morning. yemen says it's foiled an al qaeda plot to blow up oil pipelines. the claim just after the president in his first public comments on the al qaeda threat that has locked down nearly 20 diplomatic posts around the world defended the magnitude of the u.s. response when he sat down with jay leno on "the tonight show." >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. it's a reminder that fo
was calling for congressional authorization yet. president obama addressed, though, the issue that's been brought up by boehner and others, by raising the specter of an attack here at home. >> there is a prospect, a possibility, in which chemical weapons, they can have devastating effects, could be directed at us. and we want to make sure that that does not happen. >> if he can make the case, congressional lawmaker, say the president still needs their okay. in a letter signed by more than 100 lawmaker, they argued that, quote, engaging without prior congressional authorization wouldconstitution. 18 democrats added their signature, to that letter and got support today from a democratic senator, tim kaine. >> there are some circumstances where presidents to defend the nation or to avoid a catastrophe can act prior to getting congressional approval but getting congressional approval is, in my view, required. >> british lawmakers are pumping the brakes as well. the prime minister has agreed to wait for their findings before deciding on the next step. parliament will hold two votes before any
. with serious charges of chemical weapons used in syria and violence on the streets of cairo, is the obama administration running out of options to have some influence in the region? more revelations from the national security agency about just how much information they gobbled up. and why even the judges approving it started to raise eyebrows. plus, it's pack mania. find out why all of these leading lawmakers have in common. with an ever growing list of colleagues, they're rewriting the way that politics is played and possibly destroying the whole function of what political parties do anymore. >>> good morning from washington. it's thursday, august 22nd, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. my first reads of the morning. is the arab spring officially coming to an end? did the auto kraatz and dictators win? may sound like a drastic conclusion. let's look at the facts as they are today. an egyptian court has ordered the release of former strongman hosni mubarak whose toppling 2 1/2 years ago perhaps the number one signal of the arab spring. mohamed morsi, egypt's first democra
an event demanding for a vote to defund obama care. called a litmus test for all republicans. >> those of us who are republican, those of us who claim to be against obama care, who happen to vote to fund it, will have a lot to pay, will have a lot to answer for, with our constituents. >> another group that will be at today's capitol hill event, for america. they're up with a video that singles out republican leader mitch mcconnell, calling him a chicken for not joining those republican forces. >> senator mcconnell, conservatives don't need a chicken when it comes to obama care. leaders lead. but if you fund it, you own it. >> and that's the message these guys are trying to send to all republicans on this issue. mcconnell of course in a huge political bind because he's well aware republicans don't have the votes to pursue the strategy. a month ago, mcconnell had a strong command over his senate gop conference. he had no general election challenger. he had no republican primary foe. now everything's fallen apart for the gop leader. the one thing his team had been trying to avoid has beco
. how president obama handles the hopes of the joshua generation. >>> plus as debt and a sense of despair looms large over motown, detroit's next mayor will be former hospital chief mike duggin or the man we'll meet this morning, wayne county sheriff benny napoleon. august 27th, this is "the daily rundown." lets get to my first reads of the morning. secretary of state john kerry laid out an aggressive case for intervention in syria arking evidence of the largest chemical attack in decades is undeniable. the latest escalation with a steady drum beat by the united states and its allies, which is clearly a leadup to military action. >> the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. president obama has made clear to the outside regime that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. >> it's an important phrase. you heard it a lot, not just from john kerry but jay carney, international norm, significant, ready for strike significant on three main tracks, one, intelligence community backing up conclusions the c
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regime is behind the alleged chemical attack in syria. now president obama is considering a military strike with the help of some international allies. also this morning, old dominion new tactic. after months of a battle to the bottom against democratic opponent mcauliffe, cuccinelli finds somebody else to run against, his fellow republican and embattled governor bok mcdonnem bob mcdonnell. there actually is going to be a republican foe for the democrat to face in november. we're going to talk to former giuliani deputy who hopes gotham keeps up an interestingly long streak of not electing a democratic mayor. good morning from washington. it's august 26, 2013. this "the daily rundown." my first reads of the morning. the obama administration is stepping up plans for military action against syria put together the international coalition the white house says is needed for a strike. every action the president took this weekend, whether it was saturday's meeting with his national security team or round of phone calls to u.s. allies suggest it's less a question of if than when. options on t
. up next, look at president obama as he heads west to tout the housing recovery. it's an issue that dogged this administration since day one. how big of an impact have his policies made in healing the housing market? we'll take it to the gaggle in a few. >>> baseball drops the hammer on rodriguez and others for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. we'll hear what a-rod is saying about historic suspension and what legends are saying about the stain of steroids. ahead, today's politics planner. as we told you, president goes west, trying to figure out our theme here. he's going home. oh, i get it. my producer says it's home, because the president is talking about home. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. being sixteen, alex thinks he's invincible. his dad knows he's not. that's why dad got allstate accident forgiveness. it starts the day you sign up. [ female announcer ] with accident forgiveness from allstate, your rates won't go up just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. call 866-735-9100 now. kim and james are what you might call...overly p
, thousands will retrace their steps. next week, president obama will mark the 50th anniversary of the march with a speech on the steps of the lincoln memorial. it was not just the tumult of the '60s. in may of 1963, bolt conner had ordered police to use fire hoses and attack dogs on children who joined in civil rights protests in birmingham, alabama. governor george wallace stood at the door of foster auditorium at the university of alabama to block two black students, vivian malone and james hood, from enrolling at the school. civil rights activist met ger evers had been killed that summer. when a group of civil rights leaders led by a. phillip randolph wanted to march on washington, president kennedy was weary and urged them to call it off. the group of six believed the march on washington would provide the best chance for a safe rights bill. >> we hope that by going to washington by the thousands, sitting in the halls of congress, if necessary, and in the offices of recalcitrant congressmen, we will be able to arouse a conscience of the senate so the coalition of southern and right wing
is flowing through the obama -- i think you have to look at the rnc in contrast to what's happening on the other side of the aisle. >> certainly a strong critique coming out of republican circles. one of the challenges that exists for republicans right now is republicans pitted against republicans. you take what's going on in kentucky now for mitch mcconnell. before they can fight an increasingly strong democratic opponent, they have to fight amongst themselves. >> that could be an issue. you have an open seat. several qualified republicans running for it. not only does it drain resources when republicans have to compete against each other but also could give democrats who are waiting in the wings for the general election some insight as to where the weaknesses are in these candidates. i think if the republicans themselves are going to identify that, you already see mitch mcconnell having to run against rich businessmen on the republican side in the primary. you have the state secretary sort of weighing in there. i think you have to call the republicans favorites in those two races.
of president obama canceling what had been a planned summit with putin that was scheduled for early next month. meeting was going to happen just a day or two before the g-20. in a pretty clear sign that the summit -- whether the summit is in jeopardy, the white house has yet to send any staff. never has advanced the trip in moscow. doesn't have details on the trip. so that part of it is definitely in jeopardy. all signs point to the president attending the g-20 since it's an international event and you wouldn't want to snub the other countries there. lots of action there. now for more on the jobs numbers and the snapshot of the economy that we've gotten this week. it's been a particularly busy week in terms of economic data. numbers on home sale, consumer confidence, they remain near multiyear highs. while second quarter gdp numbers also beat expectations. now we've got a jobs number that shows the jobless rate at its lowest level in 4 1/2 years without creating a lot of jobs. this is the chief economist for moody's analytics. you look at this and compare it to the last summers and obviously t
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)